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MD A Hoda, E Kuncham, S Sen,(2022), Fracture and Crack Detection of edge crack modeled as rotational spring by using Bayesian filtering in beam like structure, ISTAM 2022, IIT Mandi.

K Tandon, S Sen,(2022), A decomposition based Long short term memory model (LSTM) for reservoir inflow forecasting, ISTAM 2022, IIT Mandi.

MD A Hoda, E Kuncham, S Sen,(2022), Detection of edge crack in beam like structure modeled as rotational spring by using Bayesian filtering, ISTAM 2022, IIT Mandi.

N Aswal, S Sen, L Mevel,(2022), Damage detection in tensegrity under varying temperature using interacting Particle-Ensemble Kalman Filter, International Symposium on Nondestructive Testing in Civil Engineering (NDT-CE 2022).


N Aswal, E Kuncham, S Sen, L Mevel,(2021), Robust Interacting Particle-Kalman Filter based structural damage estimation using dynamic strain measurements under Non-stationary excitation -an experimental study.


N Aswal, S Sen, L Mevel,(2019), Damage Detection in Tensegrity Using Interacting Particle-Ensemble Kalman Filter, European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring.


S Sharma, S Sen,(2018), Damage detection in presence of varying temperature through residual error modelling approach with dual neural network, EWSHM 2018, Manchester, UK.



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Stochastic Structural Systems

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