A Collaborative & Diverse Group

Our people are at the core of what makes the Team I4S, IIT Mandi such a unique and fulfilling place to work. We’re proud of the diversity of our staff, with each member contributing their unique skills to the projects we’re working on. Together, we’ve planned and executed some of the most innovative and cutting edge experiments. Find out more about our team members below.


PhD Scholar

Ms. Sharma joined the group on August 2017. She hails from Himachal Pradesh. Her research interest is to understand the effect of temperature and wind on structural dynamics.


Head of the Team

Dr. Sen is the head of Team I4S, IIT Mandi. Dr. Sen did his doctoral research in IIT Kharagpur, India and currently, is an Assistant Professor in IIT Mandi, HP, India. His research interest includes structural dynamics, vibration analysis, signal filtering and parameter estimation techniques.


PhD Scholar

Mr. Reddy is from Andhra Pradesh and joined the team in August 2018. His research interest is on finite element modelling of structural systems. He is currently working on modelling the effect of ambient temperature in bridge structures.


MS Scholar

Ms. Aswal comes from Uttarakhand. She joined the group in August 2018. She is intrigued by the tensegrity structures and is currently working towards a better understanding of these structures.


Project Associate

Mr. Kuncham is from Telangana and joined the team in June 2019.  He was hired in DST-ECR- Vibration based health monitoring of tensegrity structures incorporating the effects of ambient temperature.